Forget Hollywood: These 7 cities are becoming film hotspots

One of the biggest dramas being staged in Hollywood right now has nothing to do with a script or a set. It’s the real life struggle to keep movie making in Hollywood, as productions are fleeing for the greener pastures beyond Tinseltown.

It’s been an issue years in the making. Tax incentive programs have been implemented in cities and states around the country, rolling out the red (or should we say green) carpet to attract film and tv productions.

Producers are finding it hard to sidestep the temptation of incentives that can cover up to 30 percent of production costs, not to mention shooting in places where it will be cheaper to get accommodation and meals for an out-of-town crew.

Of course, Hollywood isn’t closing up shop anywhere anytime soon. But productions are bringing jobs and revenues to a growing list of film hubs outside of Hollywood, and their impact on the industry is well worth noting.

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