Need a Super Cheap & Versatile DIY Diffuser? Try a Shower Curtain

You don’t need deep pockets to get some pro-looking diffusion. In fact, a dollar is probably all it’ll take. Here’s Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly to give you some tips on how to utilize an everyday shower curtain to soften light, as well as how to grade your footage to make it look more cinematic.

When footage has that unattractive “video-y” look, one major culprit is harsh lighting. In fact, many a cinematographer will tell you that it’s the lighting, not (only) the camera, that gives images that coveted cinematic look. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who saved up several thousand dollars to buy a nice digital camera, dropped the ball on lighting, and wondered why my film didn’t “look like a film.”) Diffusing light is a great way to achieve that aesthetic — if, in fact, a diffused look is what you’re going for.

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