Green Filmmaking: Producing Carbon-Neutral Movies

From New York Film Academy:  Historically speaking, the movie industry doesn’t have a fantastic reputation when it comes to creating art in an environmentally friendly manner. 

It probably comes as no surprise that massive blockbusters generate a lot of carbon emissions during production, but the scale of which is nothing short of exasperating. To take 2007’s The Dark Knight as an example, the production team burned through half a million dollars’ worth of gasoline and a full million dollars worth of building materials for props and sets. In addition, many of the 900-strong production team were flown between the US, England, and China in order to film subsidiary scenes there.

To boot, many businesses were urged to leave their lights on so Nolan could make the most of Hong Kong’s night skyline.

Dark Knight carbon footprint

There’s a reason why Hollywood is perpetually shrouded in smog; as revealed in a University of California study, movie production generates more pollution in the area than any other major industry (including manufacturing and hospitality). Only fuel refining topped this.

However, with a heightened awareness to global warming and sustainability issues in recent years, filmmaking is beginning to wake up and follow suit. Not only are there more movies and documentaries centered around sustainability as subject matter (think Wall-E, An Inconvenient Truth, Avatar, et al), but filmmakers —both A-list and hobbyist—are beginning to think more consciously about green filmmaking while on set.

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