Attention, Filmmakers: There's a New Indie Film Fund That Wants to See Your Project

From IndieWire:  A new film funding initiative launched today, promising to invest $12 million. However, as with all good things, there are a few strings attached.

“Thunder Funder” from Thunder Studios plans to provides $12 million in services, not capital, at a rate of $1 million per film. To create Thunder Funder, Rodric David, CEO of Thunder Studios, enlisted the following equipment and services companies: Pace Pictures (post production services), Red Digital Cinema (camera equipment), and Cassian Elwes of Elevated Film Sales (distribution).

That means Thunder Funder then handles all aspects of production (except hiring actors), and takes an executive producer credit and handles sales and distribution of the film.

That doesn’t make this a bad deal — Elwes is one of the most respected sales agents in the business. However, as with all things, caveat emptor.

“Most independent films suffer from a lack of resources, which ultimately impacts a film’s overall production quality,” said David in a statement. “The Thunder Funder initiative empowers the filmmaker with all the tools required to present audiences with a film that is truly the best it can be.”

Indie fimmakers can submit projects at for review.

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