Could These Be The Future Of FilmBiz?

Looking For The Future Of The Film Biz....From We were promised jet packs.  Evolution is too damn slow. We keep telling ourselves a change is going to come, but maybe it is already here.  What have you already come across that the rest of us maybe need to climb aboard in a big way? Could any of these be tomorrow’s future today?

Last year I wrote up a bit of future casting on film culture and business, but my predictions were more from the gut  and general observation than from what others were doing in the field.  Here are over ten additions based on things going on right now, or that those involved in the creations of the next next feel are inevitable.

  1. The Only Mass Culture Is Live Events Or Corporate MegaMovies.  Producing work for everyone requires justification for colossal markeing budgets. We — the people formerly called the audience — have already segmented and then fractionalized and then scattered some more.  Polarization of film production and audience aggregation has already occurred with a few filmmakers being selected for the tentpole biz, and the rest kickstarting their cinema of poverty onto the internet. Tim Wu has already pointed out “Netflix’s War On Mass Culture” (Must read). Is it inevitable now that Half Of TV Will Melt Away (as Chris Dorr pointed out)? Is the choice a hobby culture or 3rd act total destruction of a city?
  2. Virtual Reality Versions Of Personal Movie Theaters. We love the in cinema experience, the big theaters, the throw to the screen.  What if we got that from our own little cubicle or pod? It looks like we now can (click that link).
  3. Cinema More Immersive Than 3-D. Did you go to the Busan International Film Festival screening of the Screen X film “The X,” directed by Kim Jee-Woon? It can be the only example of such immersive cinema. (okay, so I cribbed this one from that prior post of mine, but it IS happening right now).
  4. Filmmakers Use Every Aspect Of Cinema As A Storytelling Tool Effortlessly.  Want the frame rate to vary one scene to the next? Check.  Dynamic range? Check.  Want to chose depth of field or even the frame in post? Check. If the studio tech chiefs see this as inevitable, you know it must be so.

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