Vimeo or YouTube?

Vimeo or YouTube?

So you created your short film, finished your post production, and you are now ready to post your film online. But where do you upload it?

Some might say it’s easy, upload it as many places possible. I say that’s not such a great idea, at least not for the first stages of your release. You want to try to point all your viewers to the same place, not scatter them around over 2 or 3 places. This way it will be easier to calculate stats, and if all your stats are concentrated, users will see the bigger number of likes, or plays and will be more enticed to press play themselves. After your initial launch push, and start seeing your stats lowering into a steady pace, you can upload your film onto the other platforms to maximize your audience.

The YouTube vs Vimeo Battle

Before starting I would just like to point out that there are no rights or wrongs, there are situations that can be viable for each platform. There are dozens of articles online that repeat the same thing, in our case, we are dealing mostly with artists and short films, so I will focus on these aspects.

First thing you need to think of is your main goals for your film. Are you posting the film as an artist or as a person that makes videos? If your goal is to get as many clicks and views as possible, than perhaps YouTube might be a better resource for you. But be careful, of course everyone wants the most views possible, but you need to differentiate between catering to thousands of random people, or to hundreds that actually care. Vimeo certainly has the smaller market while YouTube reaches over millions, but your audience is much more concentrated in people that are looking for creative films, as for YouTubers usually look for entertaining clips.

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