A Professional Short Shot on a Video Girl Barbie

From Gizmodo:  When Video Girl Barbie came out in 2010 it seemed like a pretty weird idea to jam a camera into a doll’s décolletage. And at 1.2 MP and 240p, the specs didn’t exactly make it worthwhile. But flash forward to 2013 . . . and it still seems super weird.

The Pro Photog Cheap Camera Challenge, an awesome series that’s put out by DigitalRev, realized that Video Girl Barbie would be the perfect camera to really test a pro with. No matter how legit you are, it would clearly be a challenge to capture anything meaningful with a bad camera mounted in Barbie plastic.

But cinematographer Philip Bloom stepped up to the challenge and really worked with what he had to make the best product he could. It’s cool to see him improvise on the fly and take advantage of the Barbie’s limbs and hair to help him position the camera on set. It’s also interesting to hear Bloom talk about how he massaged the footage he had by adding a Super 8 filter and changing the frame rate. The whole thing is 27 minutes long and fascinating all the way through, but if you just want to see the short skip to 21:22. Looks pretty good. [DigitalRev TV via Digg]


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