15 Sexy Things You Get to Do When You Think Your Film is Finished

Okay, you’ve spent seven years making your indie opus, another two years playing the festival circuit, and somewhere along the way you even managed to sell your film and get distribution. Hooray, you’re done and the party’s over! Your goal by this point is undoubtedly to move on and start working on the next film.

But, wait a second, just because you’ve “sold” your film and you “got” distribution doesn’t mean your job as a filmmaker is “done” (or that you need to stop using “air quotes”). On the contrary, you’re still staring at a 20-to-life sentence for your film. Here’s a few of the top sexy (and by “sexy,” I mostly mean “crappy”) things you still need to do. Even if you’re just starting your film project, you should read below; you can avoid a lot of future aggravation if you know what you’re heading into and prepare appropriately.

Read the rest at Filmmaker Magazine –>


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