25 Great Movies About Racism That Are Worth Your Time

From TasteOfCinema.com: Racism is the most troubling societal issue, it is the bane of our existence on this space rock, preventing us from becoming more understanding of each other and living in a world free of hatred and suffering. Once, there was no concept of racism at all, not because it did not exist, but because it was not considered to be a problem.

It was accepted as a hard fact of life, just the way things were in the world. In that sense, human kind has evolved to at least acknowledge racism’s existence. This does not mean, however, that we have rid ourselves of this phenomenon that plagues our species.

As cinema has always been reflective of the world, racial issues have been the subject of many a film. Some of the films on the list are outright racist within themselves and exist as an unsightly reminder of how things used to be, and some are almost revolutionary acts that have made us seriously question our own perceptions of equality and race.

Regardless of intention, the following films are important reminders of our strengths and weaknesses as a society, allowing us to view the world as it is, vast and small at the same time, teeming with cultures but also close-mindedness.

Read the full list at Taste of Cinema — >


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