“Have you ever tried to find that perfect location for your film? Ever been on the phone for hours trying to see if a certain location is available? Have you ever been disappointed with the lack of location variety? Or, have you ever called a location scout and to find out their fees exceed your budget? If so, you know what a hassle location scouting is for filmmakers. It’s painful, expensive, and a time-killer. We’ve been through the process and recognized the need for a better way.”

Great news for independent filmmakers – location scouting just got a whole lot easier. Set Scouter, a Toronto-based company, puts independent filmmakers in touch with local property owners looking to rent out their locations. With Set Scouter, a filmmaker might be able to avoid hiring an expensive location scout, or the tedious, frustrating process of trying to secure a location on your own.

Set Scouter’s comprehensive listings feature photos, location details, potential amenities, and a navigatable price guide. The scouter can sort listings by any of these designations and can view the locations on a map. Property owners can set “house rules,” and Set Scouter will protect their identities and addresses during the process until the renter has completed booking the location. The app is new, but if it works, it could be the Airbnb of location scouting.

Check out Set Scouter, which still in a beta version but has plenty of locations listed and ready for scouting!


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