A Primer on Photo and Video Copyright Usage

Dare Dreamer Magazine


There’s a news item making its way around the interwebs about a popular blogger who was recently sued by a photographer for using the photographer’s photo on her blog without proper rights. As this blogger points out in her post, it was done without malicious intent. Like so many other bloggers, she grabbed an image from Google images, gave attribution, and made sure to let readers know it wasn’t her photo. When the photog contacted her with a cease and desist, she apologized and immediately took it down. Regardless, the photographer still sued her for copyright infringement and she apparently had to pay a rather high settlement. Ouch!

As many of you reading this are visual artists yourselves, you undoubtedly have a vested interest in this topic. I’m sure a number of you have had your photos used without your permission and cases like this are encouraging. You see it…

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