The Personality Spectrum of Independent Filmmaking

Film AnthropologyIndependent film making is one of the most difficult tasks one can engage in. You could know everything there is to know about telling a story on film or video, but somehow someway, things don’t always go according to plan. If I put my mind to it, I’m sure I could mathematically figure out exactly how to produce one of my most complicated scripts into an impeccable indie film, right down to the last frame and sprocket hole.  But it wouldn’t work – if there’s one thing Vietnam taught us is that you could be the best of the best and know the ins and outs of your plan down to the teet, but the human condition will always interfere and fuck things up.  Things do not work out the way they should – hardly ever.  This is mainly because of two factors, communication of creative ideas and individual personalities.  The communication of creative ideas has been pretty much taken care of as there are all sorts of mechanisms that directors can use to relay their ideas to their creative team. Personalities on the other hand, are a whole different thing.

In independent film making, there are people who are way down there (points to the floor)… and waaaaay up there (points to the sky). I consider myself in between, but slightly elevated. Basically anyone who has made an indie film and has plans to do another, exists in this middle part of the spectrum, mainly because of their willingness to go through it again. That part is so huge.  I consider most of the actors I use on a regular basis to exist farther up there, although the ratio is different for different people.  The reason is because acting requires an enormous amount of rejection – rejection of ones personal self, how you look, dress, talk etc.  It takes a hell of a person to go through that over and over again.  Some of my creative crew are up there and those that aren’t I stop communicating with and find others.

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