How to Convince a New Class of Investors They Can Make a Buck Financing an Indie Film


Thanks to technology, it’s now cheaper and easier than ever to make a solid independent film. What remains unclear, however, and should be ever-present on the minds of filmmakers and film lovers, is how to create a system in which the creators and professionals who make those films can enjoy something like a sustainable career. For all the great indie films there are out there, virtually none of them turn a profit; and none of the brave people who made or participated in or supported them were paid or enjoyed a return on their investment. In order for independent film to lift itself above the level of a really expensive hobby–to become something of an artisanal profession–we need to find a solution to the most complex and urgent problem in our field:

How to convince a new class of investors they can make a buck financing an indie film.

Self-indulgence is no longer an option. To continue making films, we as filmmakers and filmmaking professionals need to apply our collective minds, problem-solving skills, and creativity to this problem, or we won’t be making films much longer: only rich people or those palatable to rich people will be. The heroic age when filmmakers charged up 10 different credit cards and re-financed their houses to take a chance on an indie film are long gone. That approach was partly a function of an indie film marketplace where if you did pull off a great indie, you at least had the potential to strike a deal at a major festival that might wipe out your debts. But those deals are not happening anymore. And that was a crazy way of doing things anyway.

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